Bicycle and Violins

Here are some sites I like. Enjoy. 

Boston Philharmonic
This is an amazing orchestra. It is conducted by Benjamin Zander! You can learn lots of cool things from this website, including information about the Tanglewood Festival Chorus!

Benjamin Zander’s TED Talk—“The Transformative Power of Classical Music”
This is Benjamin Zander speaking on TED Talk. This is really funny and inspiring and definitely worth watching!

Shaina Evoniuk
Shaina is the coolest violinist I know. She is fun, enthusiastic, happy, positive, a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good violinist, and she LOVES playing her violin! I highly recommend looking at her website!

Jazz Mafia
This is the website for the coolest band in the Bay Area—and maybe the world!

Adam Theis
Adam Theis is the leader of Jazz Mafia. He is really awesome! Definitely worth checking out!

Cazadero Music Camp
This was my first sleepover camp. Every time I go it makes me a much better musician than I was before I went! I highly recommend Caz!

Bella Betts
This is my friend Bella Betts; she is 11 years old and an AMAZING fiddler, mandolin player, and singer!!

Jeremy Kittel
Jeremy Kittel is an incredible violinist whom you should definitely check out! He is so, so, so, so good!!!!

Mads Tolling
Mads Tolling is a Grammy award winning violinist. Amazing!

San Domenico School
This school has a spectacular music program.

Moody’s Bistro
Moody’s Bistro hosts the most amazing jazz camp ever (and is a really, really, good restaurant). Moody’s Jazz Camp brings in some of the best jazz musicians in the country but the camp doesn’t do any advertising! If you want to do Jazz Camp next summer, you can contact JJ, the owner of Moody’s, through this website.
This is a great website if you want to know anything that has to do with violins. It has all the information you need!

New World Symphony
Not only are these amazing classical musicians but they help the children in the community of Miami enjoy and have access to music, too. Michael Tilson Thomas conducts!

YouTube Symphony
This is a really cool way to audition for an international symphony!

Aspen Music Festival and School
The Aspen Music Festival and School is a super neat eight-week music celebration that happens every summer in Aspen, Colorado. Sadly, I have never been to it and I was even born in Aspen!

Quartet San Francisco

This is an amazing quartet from San Francisco. They are super duper good!!!!

Musical Art Quintet

This quintet is incredible. They are full of energy and play beautiful music!

International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)

This is a really neat website where you can browse for music, check out or post on a blog page, and discuss topics and ask questions with/to other contributors. It is a VERY cool website!


This is an awesome music blog. It is soooooo worth checking out!!!!!

Casey Driessen

This is a really hip website.  You could spend hours on it. Among other cool things, Casey gives lessons on violin grooviness!

8 Notes

This is a great place to find sheet music. Find anything from Chopin to Green Day. Amazingly well organized website!