Your Experiences

In the beginning, when I shared my tips with friends, they would tell me what it was like using them. Here are readers’ experiences with my tips:

“It was very weird to play while lying down. It made your chin rest feel awkward, but it was still fun because it is challenging. Like you said in the book ‘it is hard to keep your bow over the F holes’. I liked this tip the most so far. Thanks Eleanore for keeping my violin fun!”

-Cody LaPlante

“Naming my violin, now that got me thinking. I thought about it and decided to name it “Gavotte” the name of the final piece in a book that has been my goal to play sence I started the book. And know I am there thanks to Shaina the best violin teacher ever! Thank you Eleanore, I am closer to my violin now!”

-Emma Bradish


Please submit your experiences with the tips in my book and I’ll post them here. Thank you!

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Your Experiences